Code   Fund Name
30031 Academic Affairs Gift Fund
31041 Academic Council Degree Completion Scholarship Fund
30204 Academic Skills Center Gift Fund
30073 Accounting & Finance Gift Fund SBA
69581 Accounting and Finance Advisory Board Endowment Fund
30260 Accounting/Finance Student Support Gift Fund
30289 Admissions Ambassador Gift Fund
31105 Aileen Sundstrom Memorial Fund
67688 Alumni Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
61071 Andrew & Agnes Whiteside Memorial Endowment
31139 Annual Arts & Sciences Scholarship
31170 Annual Business Scholarship
31174 Annual Financial Need Scholarship
30047 Art & Art History Gift Fund
30324 Ath-Integrated Cheer and Dance Gifts
34256 Athletics Communications Gifts
68900 Athletics Endowed Scholarship
30374 Athletics Hallway Renovation Project
30251 Athletics-Student Athlete Development Center Gifts
31027 Barbara & Allen Gough End-Human Resource Development Schlps
61063 Barbara Lynn Sutherland Memorial Scholarship Endowment
30358 Barry S. Winkler Scholarship
30191 Baseball Gifts
69604 Benedettini/Pearson Endowed Scholarship Fund
39605 Bernard & Nina Kent Judaic Studies Endowed Israel Travel Fd
69605 Bernard & Nina Kent Judaic Studies Endowed Israel Travel Fd
68768 Betty and Kiichi Usui Endowed Scholarship
68837 Betty and Shelly Appleton Critical Difference Endowed Fund
30049 Biological Sciences Gift Fund
30012 Black Alumni Affiliate Gift Fund
69587 Brad M. Glass Endowed Fund
69598 Brian Meer Endowed Business Education Fund
68833 Bud Kulesza Family Endowed Fund
68826 Burke Visiting Scholar Endowment
30310 CAS - Center for Ethics Gift Fund
37518 CAS Creative Writing Gifts
31515 CAS Finish Line Scholarship
31520 CAS General Scholarships
30011 CAS Gift Fund
31523 CAS Japan Study Abroad Scholarship
30008 CAS Performing Arts Center Gifts
30322 CAS Religious Studies Gift Fund
30344 CAS Violence Abuse Resource Consortium
30267 CAS-Actuarial Science Gifts
30319 CAS-Chaudry Research Support Gift Fund
31522 CAS-Compton Chemistry-Biology Scholarship
30196 CAS-Judaic Studies Gift Fund
30375 CAS-Outreach and Engagement Initiatives Gift Fund
31044 CAS-Patti Finnegan Sharf Study Abroad Scholarship
30288 CERC-Clean Energy Research Center Gift Fund
31169 CMI-David R McGhee Scholarship
30106 CSA Student Organization Gift Fund
30130 CSITS Gift Fund
69599 Camille R. Torner Endowed Tuition Award Fund
30200 Campus Recreation Gift Fund
65166 Carmine Rocco Linsalata Memorial Scholarship Endowment
61111 Carol Carpenter Memorial Endowed Writing Scholarship
68742 Carrell T. and Helen R. Sherman Endowed Scholarship Fund
69617 Catherine Tyler Memorial International Award Endowment
30312 Center for Autism Gift Fund
30128 Center for Biomedical Research Gift Fund
30282 Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning Gift Fund
30048 Center for International Programs Gift Fund
30093 Center for Multicultural Initiatives Gifts
30029 Center for Robotics & Advanced Automotive Lab - Gift Fund
68830 Charter Challenge Endowment
30224 Cheer Team Gifts
30057 Chemistry General Gift Fund
31106 Cheryl Cole Pope Scholarship Gift Fund
30519 Cinema Studies Gifts
31054 Cody Petzold Rainbow Endowed Scholarship
61054 Cody Petzold Rainbow Endowed Scholarship
30064 Communication & Journalism Gift Fund
30277 Communication Forensics Team Gift Fund
30072 Communications & Marketing Gift Fund
30066 Communications Gift Fund
34600 Communications and Journalism Endowment
30109 Counseling Center Gifts Fund
30225 Dance Team Gifts
30262 Danny Jordan Jazz Gift Fund
36221 David Beardslee Non-Traditional Student Scholarship Fund
61112 David Brennan Support for Nursing Studies Scholarship
30074 Decision & Information Science Gift Fund
60280 Deming Scholarship
69610 Dennis & Carlotta Pawley End Undergrad Student Lean Award
68793 Dennis Pawley Institute Endowed Fund
61193 Diane Norris Endowed Nursing Scholarship
31193 Diane Norris Endowed Nursing Scholarship
61133 Dillon Family Accounting Student Leadership Schlp Endowment
31133 Dillon Family Accounting Student Leadership Scholarship
30226 Disability Support Services Gift Fund
30394 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Gift Fund
33907 Don Iodice Grant for Foreign Study
65522 Donald C. Hildum Scholarship Endowment
31191 Donna Zobel Endowed Biology Scholarship
61191 Donna Zobel Endowed Biology Scholarship
68831 Donna and Walt Young Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship Fund
32209 Douglas Templeton Swimming & Engineering Scholarship
61109 Douglas Templeton Swimming & Engineering Scholarship
61061 Dr. Manuel Pierson Endowed Fund
31061 Dr. Manuel Pierson Endowed Fund
69633 Dr. Michele D. Raible SOM Endowment
60329 Dr. Nasir Haque OU Endowment for Biological Science Schlps
30077 E-Learning Gift Fund
30199 ERI-Pediatric Retinal Disorders Lab
30307 Economics Advisory Board Lecture Gifts
30075 Economics Gift Fund
30089 Educational Leadership Gift Fund
30028 Educational Resources Laboratory Gift Fund
37519 English Gift Fund
37520 English Student Enrichment Fund
61048 Eric T. Pauli Memorial Scholarship
61055 Eva Otto Endowment for Undergrad Student Schlp
31055 Eva Otto Endowment for Undergrad Student Schlp
30092 Eye Research Institute Gift Fund
31509 Eye Research Institute Scholarships
30036 Facilities Management Gift Fund
30227 Filippis Foundation Fund for Disability Support Services
30033 Finance & Administration Gift Fund
35110 Financial Aid Office Discretionary Award
30328 Forbes-Wilson Book Fund
39861 Friends of Performing Arts
68822 G & T Gamboa Behavior & Ecology Student Research Endowment
69582 G. Philip Johnson Endowed Fund
69628 GLBT Literature & Resource Center
61059 Galileo Teacher Leadership Endowed Fund
31059 GalileoTeacher Leadership Endowed Fund
65116 George T. Matthews Scholarship Endowment
68818 Gertrude Pickard Endowed Fund
34254 Golden Grizzlies Athletic Fund
68821 Goldenberg/Bienstock International Student Education End.
30038 Golf and Learning Center Gift Fund
30121 Graduate Education Gifts
61195 Graduate Teacher Education Scholarship Endowment
69609 Gretchen J. Adler Study Abroad Endowed Fund
31132 Hailey Brouillet Endowment for Study Abroad Scholarships
61132 Hailey Brouillet Endowment for Study Abroad Scholarships
68760 Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh End-Islamic Understanding Programs
69637 Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh OU End. for Islamic Studies Schlps
61188 Harding Eye Research & Biology Lecture Series
30004 Health Emergency Program Gift Fund
32319 Health Sciences Center - Gifts
34646 History Department Gift Fund
31187 Holly & Garry Gilbert Endowment for Safeguarding the Public Interest
61187 Holly & Garry Gilbert Endowment for Safeguarding the Public Interest
31019 Honors College Scholarship Fund
30037 Honors College Top Ten Fund
68791 Horwitz Finance Student Award
30086 Human Development & Child Studies Gift Fund
32320 Human Health Building Equipment Gifts-SHS
30088 Human Resources Development
30127 ISSO Award Gift Fund
30079 Integrative Studies Gift Fund
30081 International Education Gift Fund
31002 International Education Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
30132 International Relations Scholarship Gifts
30069 Islamic Studies Gift Fund
68763 Jack Moeller OU Endow for German Study/International Travel
64542 Jacqueline I Lougheed Educational Leadership Award (Masters)
31010 Jacqueline Scherer Student Fund for Sociology & Anthropology
68762 James McKay Doctoral Research Endowment Award
61113 Jamieson Valassis Theatre & Music Theatre Senior Showcase Endowed Fund
61066 Jan and Don O'Dowd Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
64581 Jean S. and Fred M. Braun Memorial Lecture Fund
31039 Jenna Elyse Balabuch Study Abroad Awards
68739 Jenna Elyse Balabuch Study Abroad Awards
30340 Jennifer Scott Memorial Fund
38842 Jerry & Annette Johns Books For Kids Endowed Fund
68842 Jerry & Annette Johns Books For Kids Endowed Fund
69618 John B. Cameron Endowment in Art History
68785 Jon Froemke Memorial Endowed Fund
61103 Joseph & Anne L. Gardella Scholarship
30067 Journalism Gift Fund
60166 Judd Family Endowed Fund
69638 Keane/Demarest End For Berkley School District Student Schlp
65520 Keeper of the Dream Endowment Fund
30094 Keeper of the Dream Gift Fund
31141 Keeper of the Dream Named Scholarship Fund
68715 Ken Morris Center for the Study of Labor & Work Scholarship
30332 Krompart-Hildebrand Digitization Gift Fund
31516 LGBTQA Community Advocacy Scholars
69568 Lambda Chi Omega Endowment
30246 Latino Cultural Awareness Fund
69632 Lauren K Roche OU Endowment for Scholarships in Social Work
32484 Library Gifts-Books & OnLine Resources
32497 Library Gifts-Furnishings and Supplies
32498 Library Gifts-Unrestricted
31060 Lillie Marie Johnson Legacy Scholarship Endowment for MTD
61060 Lillie Marie Johnson Legacy Scholarship Endowment for MTD
32192 Linda McCloskey English Award Endowment for Writing Excellence
61192 Linda McCloskey English Award Endowment for Writing Excellence
30058 Linguistics Gift Fund
68185 Lisa M. Flynn Endowed Fund for Chemistry
31512 Lois and Mark Shaevsky Scholarship for Judaic Studies
61190 Louis R. and Mary L. Bragg Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics
69596 Louise A. Coallier Memorial Endowment
30090 Lowry Early Childhood Center Gift Fund
31070 Luellen Ramey Humanistic Counseling Endowed Schlp
61070 Luellen Ramey Humanistic Counseling Endowed Schlp
30015 MB Writing Project Gift Fund
30456 MBE Adopt an Artifact
30230 MBH Garden Club Gift Fund
30020 MPA Gift Fund
30053 MTD Dance Gift Fund
32706 MTD Friends of the Meadow Brook Estate
30050 MTD General Gift Fund
30051 MTD Music Gift Fund
39862 MTD Scholarship Gifts
30052 MTD Theatre Gift Fund
30076 Management & Marketing Gift Fund
64577 Marion Adams Bunt Endowed Fund
68783 Mark Murphy Endowed Scholarship
60246 Marshall Page Atkinson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
60674 Mary Kay Davis Student Writers Endowment
68814 Mary Van Sell Women's Studies Endowed Fund
30024 Mathematical Sciences High School Student Scholarship Fund
30059 Mathematics & Statistics Gift Fund
31053 Mathematics Research Development Fund
30197 Matilda Dodge Wilson Statue
61100 Maurice Brown Memorial Poetry Reading Endowed Fund
69630 McKay Endowment for Mathematics
35122 Meadow Brook Hall Gifts and Donations
30156 Meadow Brook Subdivision Ground Donations
30770 Medical Physics Gift Fund
30354 Men's Basketball Advancement Fund
30186 Men's Basketball Gifts
30187 Men's Cross Country Gifts
30188 Men's Golf Gifts
30189 Men's Soccer Gifts
30190 Men's Swimming Gifts
30043 Men's Track Gifts
68771 Michael Gillespie Theatre Student Travel & Enrichment Fund
68769 Michael P. & Elizabeth A. Kenny Merit Schlp for the Sciences
61114 Michael and Alexis Iveson Endowed Scholarship
64545 Mildred B. Matthews Art History Scholarship Endowment
30060 Modern Languages & Literature Gift Fund
61110 Morgan Behen Memorial Scholarship for Elementary Education
64547 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kyes Endowment
61101 Mukesh Bhargava Memorial Endowed Scholarship
30323 My Brother's Keeper Gift Fund
61062 Nancy Anderson Schmitz Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education
31062 Nancy Anderson Schmitz Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education
61131 Newman Family Capstone Endowed Scholarship
30084 OU Business Incubator Gift Fund
23546 OU Fund
34292 OU Macomb Gift Fund
31026 OU Macomb Scholarship
30481 OU Parents Gift Fund
33394 OU Police Department K-9 Unit Gifts
30382 OUCARES - Gift Fund
30292 OUWB School of Medicine Capstone Scholarships
30273 OUWB School of Medicine Dept of Biomedical Sciences Gifts
30295 OUWB School of Medicine Faculty Sponsored Scholarships
30275 OUWB School of Medicine Library Gifts
30228 OUWB School of Medicine Scholarship Fund
30266 OUWB School of Medicine Student Achievement Award
30274 OUWB School of Medicine Student Affairs Gifts
30203 OUWB School of Medicine Unrestricted Annual Fund
30318 OUWBSM Class Gift Fund
30299 OUWBSM Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion
31200 OUWBSM Global Health Scholarship
31228 OUWBSM Named Scholarships
30317 OUWBSM Student Emergency Gift Fund
30039 Oakland Center Gift Fund
30205 Oakland University Art Gallery Gifts
32200 Oakland University Endowment for Suicide Prevention
61200 Oakland University Endowment for Suicide Prevention
30379 Oakland University Katke-Cousins Golf Course Gifts
35185 Oakland University Scholarship Fund
65521 Oakland University Trustee Academic Success Scholarship Fund
30327 Organic Farms Gifts
34592 Orientation Gift Fund
64884 Pamela Grossman Memorial Endowment for Lowry Center
31648 Pamela Morehead Faculty/Staff Lounge
61116 Paul Morath Memorial Scholarship for Education Endowment
61057 Peggy A Wenk Endowed Scholarship in Histotechnology
37524 Philosophy Department Gifts
30055 Philosophy Dept Scholarship Gift Fund
30061 Physics Gift Fund
30097 Placement Office Gift Fund
33395 Police Department Gift Fund
30320 Political Science Alumni Scholarship Fund
30062 Political Science Gift Fund
30030 President's Gift Fund
32207 Professor Joel Russell Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
61107 Professor Joel Russell Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry
30098 Project Upward Bound Gift Fund
30063 Psychology Gift Fund
30293 PwC Student and Acc/Fin Dept. Support
61194 R & G Simmons Endowed Fund for Study Abroad-Germany
30514 R & S Sharf Golf Course Gifts
69629 R. Michael O'Brien Endowed Scholarship Fund
30269 RLA Children Lit-Book Art Exhibit
30326 Raffel Research Gift Fund
69635 Raymond G. Courech Scholarship Endowment
30112 Reading Area Ph.D. Program Gift Fund
61196 Reddy Endowed Research Professorship
68743 Richard D. French Public Relations Scholarships-Endowment
63727 Robert & Elaine Swanson Endowment for Meadow Brook Estate
31056 Ron B. and Marilyn J. Kevern Scholarship
61056 Ron B. and Marilyn J. Kevern Scholarship Endowment
60167 Ron Cramer and W. Dorsey Hammond Reading Legacy Fund
31038 Rosemont Scholarship for China Immersion
61038 Rosemont Scholarship for China Immersion
31042 Ruth and Kris Pfaehler Endowed Scholarship
61042 Ruth and Kris Pfaehler Endowed Scholarship
30137 SBA - CIBRE - Gift Support
30172 SBA - Graduate Gift Fund
30167 SBA - Scholars Gift Fund
67233 SBA Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment Fund
30219 SBA Applied Technology in Business Gift Fund
38005 SBA Gift Fund
31221 SBA Scholarships
31023 SBA Tower Scholarship
30168 SBA-ACHIEVE Gift Fund
30376 SBA-Dillon Legacy Student Development
30373 SBA-Financial Analysis Gift Fund
30305 SBA-Frank Cardimen Int'l Initiatives Gift Fund
30247 SBA-International Initiatives Gift
31064 SBA-Patti Finnegan Sharf Study Abroad Scholarships
30371 SBA-Renovation Gift Fund
39059 SECS Electrical and Computer Engineering Gift Fund
31037 SECS Faculty Fellowships
39060 SECS Mechanical Engineering Department Gift
35399 SECS Project Gift Fund
31179 SECS Scholarships
30470 SECS-Engineering Center
30002 SECS-Industrial & Systems Engineering Gifts
30469 SECS-TEDx Oakland University Gift
39058 SECS/Computer Science Department Gift Fund
31644 SEHS Counseling Gift Fund
30085 SEHS Gift Fund
30111 SEHS New Building Gift Fund
30377 SEHS Partnership Gift Fund
68765 SEHS Professors' Legacy OU Endowment for Student Scholarship
30110 SEHS Reading Language Arts Gift Fund
31645 SEHS Student-Faculty Collaborative Rsrch Award in Counseling
31004 SEHS Study Abroad Scholarship
30342 SEHS-Galileo Institute Gift Fund
31028 SEHS-Jeff Dupuis Scholarship Fund
61046 SEHS-Larry Chunovich Legacy Scholarship Endowment
30341 SEHS-Learning Achievement Coalition-Oakland
30353 SEHS-SOGI Gift Fund
30308 SEHS-Set Sail for Autism Gift Fund
30158 SHS-Bridge the Gap Gifts
30155 SHS-Healthology HELPS
30175 SHS-Medical Lab Sciences Gifts
30173 SHS-Occupational Safety/Health Gifts
30149 SHS-Physical Therapy Gifts
30325 SL-Gender & Sexuality Center Gift Fund
30276 SL-Veterans Affairs Gifts
30313 SON CE Nursing Gift Fund
38092 SON Faculty Research Gift Fund
38094 SON Student Laboratory Gift Fund
61045 SON-Marlene A. Kucinski RN, BSN Endowed Scholarship
31045 SON-Marlene A. Kucinski RN, BSN Scholarship
31201 SP-Financial Planning Executive Program Scholarships
69577 Safety Engineering Lab Scholarship Endowment
61197 Sandra & Eric Pelfrey Accounting Scholarship
30366 School of Business Administration Technology Gift Fund
31507 School of Education and Human Services Scholarships
35993 School of Engineering and Computer Science Gift Fund
31506 School of Health Sciences Scholarships
38004 School of Nursing Gift Fund
31508 School of Nursing Scholarships
30482 Senior Class Gift Fund
31199 Settlemoir Dzwik Academic Leadership Endowment
61199 Settlemoir Dzwik Academic Leadership Endowment
31182 Sharf Golf Course Endowed Memorial Garden
30000 Sharon L. Wilhelm Fund
61105 Sid & Bani Mittra Economics Merit Scholarship Endowment
30179 Soccer Stadium Development Fund
30139 Social Work Research & Development Gift Fund
30070 Sociology & Anthropology Gift Fund
30223 Softball Gifts
30193 Sports Medicine Gifts
30284 Stanley Hollingsworth Legacy Gift
30032 Student Affairs Gift Fund
34255 Student Athlete Services Gift Fund
30171 Summer Mathematics Camps
34257 Swim & Dive Coaching Fellowship
30129 Teacher Development and Education Studies
30124 The College Enrichment Fund
31123 The Dennis Pawley Institute
31000 The Golden Grizzly Spirit Award
61198 The Warren Tope Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Accounting
61058 Tom Allen Swimming/Diving Endowment
31058 Tom Allen Swimming/Diving Endowment
68773 Toni S. and Kenneth Walters Endowment for Literacy
30143 Track Facility Development Fund
36002 Trustee Academic Success Scholarship Fund
30078 Undergraduate Education Gift Fund
68812 Undergraduate Psychology Student Research Endowment
30041 Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavor in the Humanities
30101 Undergraduate Research in Science Gift Fund
32549 University Technology Services Gifts
30864 Unmanned Ground Vehicle Competition
30192 Volleyball Gifts
30095 WXOU Gift Fund
61189 William & Mary Schwark Endowed Scholarship in Engineering & Education
31030 William A. Breitmoser Jr. Scholarship
65091 William G. Hammerle Memorial Endowment
61108 William Schwab Endowed Scholarship for the Humanities
32208 William Schwab Endowed Scholarship for the Humanities
35008 Women of OU Critical Difference Scholarship
65009 Women of OU Critical Difference Scholarship Endowment
30180 Women's Basketball Gifts
30181 Women's Cross Country Gifts
30182 Women's Golf Gifts
30183 Women's Soccer Gifts
30071 Women's Studies Gift Fund
30184 Women's Swimming Gifts
30185 Women's Tennis Gifts
30044 Women's Track Gifts
30068 Woodcock Legacy Gift Fund
30065 Writing & Rhetoric Gift Fund
30131 Writing Center Gift Fund
64427 Ylvisaker Endowed Fund