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Web Forms - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access a form?
A: To access any of the online forms, click on the link for the form you need from the Main Menu and login with your NetID and password (this is the same as Webmail).

Q: What is the purpose of putting the administrative forms on the web?
A: The purpose is to save time and resources on submitting administrative forms, and allowing forms to be routed more efficiently to different departments on campus.  Online forms also offer Oakland University's community a paperless solution to processing forms, thus eliminating the need to fax, mail, file or store printed forms.  Users can access forms on and off campus securely.
Q: Will these forms print correctly? A: Yes.  Web based forms are generally designed to "look and feel" like their paper form versions so they can be printed, but if the form requires a printed copy, it is not a candidate for the online forms process.  UTS Programming and development resources will not be allocated to resolve printing issues.
Q: What web browser should I use?  A: The recommended brower is Internet Explorer (version 8.0) or Safari.  While most forms function in other browsers, you may see some formatting issues.  If you are experiencing problems, we suggest you first make sure you've attempted to use the recommended browsers.  If the issue persists, please contact the UTS Helpdesk (helpdesk@oakland.edu or 370-4357) with details of the issue.  As testing of new versions and different browsers are complete we will update accordingly.
Q: What about confidentiality?  Are the forms secure? A: Yes the forms are secure. Information about each form type is provided directly below. 
Q:  What is a Signature Form? 
A: Signature Forms are forms that require accompanying paperwork.  You can complete this form online, however, it must be printed out, signed and returned to the department.  A Signature form can be an HTML, Adobe or word processing document. Forms of this type are not good candidates for this process.
Q:  What is a Fast Form?  
A: Fast Forms have a single destination.  They can not be re-routed.  Fast Forms can be submitted immediately to the pre-assigned email address.  The submitter will not receive an email confirmation, if the form is emailed to helpdesk@oakland.edu.  The Footprints system will generate the email instead.
Q: What is an OU Web Form?  
A: OU Web Forms can be sent to multiple destinations for approvals processing.  OU Web Forms can be submitted immediately to the appropriate office - no paper is required.  To electronically sign the form the user must enter their NetID username and password.  The submitter and approvers will receive an email notification providing a link to the form that will show the current form status in real time.  The final processor of the form can "lock" the form (preventing any further modifications to the form) by pressing the "LOCK" button -- the original submitter will then be emailed notification that the form has been processed. 
Q: Where do I send the Web Form? A: You email the form to the department or approver (Department Head, Manager, Supervisor) as you would the paper form.  Each form has Routing Instructions.  Fill in the email address in the Email To box and click the appropriate action button.  A link to the form will be mailed to that address when the form is submitted or approved.  The original form submitter will receive an email when the form is disapproved or locked. 
Q: Where can I find a form I've previously submitted/approved?
A: All the forms that you have taken action on or have group permission to access can be found in Forms Finder. Instructions for how to use the filters in Forms Finder are available here or from the Forms Finder page.
Q: As an approver, can I correct a form prior to approving it? A: Forms can be corrected by any approver, but related comments should be made in "Approver Comments" for all reviewers of the form to see.  The "Approver Comments" are linked to your electronic signature and cannot be modified. In addition, by clicking on any line of the Signature table, if fields were modified by that approver they will be highlighted.